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 The Computerized Student Records System (CSRS) is a project of the Information Technology Office through the initiative of Engr. Ronald A. Barriga (2005-2010 IT Director) under the University of the Philippines Mindanao Integrated Information Management System (UPMIIMS) project in 2006.

In partnership with:
 •Office of the Registrar,
 •Offices of the College Secretary,
 •Office of the Student Affairs,
 •Cash Office,
 •All academic departments,
 •Students of UP Mindanao

Computer Science Special Problems:
 •Lastimado, R.G.P. 2006. Computerized Student Records System (CSRS)
 •Mendez, R.E. 2007. Registration System (RegSys)
 •Ytac, E.M. 2007. Cash Office Information System

For inquiries, comments and suggestions, please feel free to visit us at
Information Technology Office
University of the Philippines Mindanao
1/F Administration Building
Mintal, Tugbok District, Davao City

or email us


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the CSRS Administrators?
 •Office of the Registrar
 •Offices of the College Secretary

What if I forgot my password?
 •Go to your adviser, department chair or to the Office of the College Secretary and ask them to change your password.
 TIP: It's good to establish and maintain good communication lines with your registration adviser.

Who is my registration adviser?
 •Registration advisers are assigned by your respective department chairs.

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